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A Guide to Punto Banco High Limit for Online Baccarat Players

A Guide to Punto Banco High Limit for Online Baccarat Players

A Guide to Punto Banco High Limit for Online Baccarat Players

Punto Banco baccarat is a wagering game of the purest order. The idea of baccarat is to compare the face value of the players’ cards to those of the banker. During the course of the game, players do not actually get to make any decisions regarding the value of their hand. The only decisions that a player needs to make in a game of Punto Banco High Limit baccarat are regarding the size of the wager and where to place the stake. This leads to an unrelenting level of action.

It is for the real casino adrenaline junkies that the game of Punto Banco High Limit is ideally suited, since this is true Punto Banco excitement especially with the levels of betting being within the high limits and hence plenty of money riding on the game. These well-produced quality table game series that the giant software and game developer Net Entertainment’s Pro Series features, include the traditional favourite casino games baccarat, roulette and poker. Each basic game is accompanied with several of their main variants, and in the case of baccarat this is Punto Banco.

Aims of Punto Banco

A card comparing game that requires no knowledge of strategy and mathematics to play. Where blackjack, pontoon and poker differ, Punto Banco baccarat is played in a manner suggestive of the red/black option at roulette, and would be subject to the Martingale system of gambling. The aim of Punto Banco is to compare the total of their cards’ face value to those of the bankers’ cards. NetEnt’s Punto Banco Professional Series High Limit makes the simple selection of players hand or bankers’ hand winning become a thrilling, fast-paced virtual gaming experience.

The Different Categories

Like varieties of bets in the Wimbledon betting, the Punto Banco Professional Series is available in three distinct categories of play. There are the Low Roller, Standard and High Roller versions of the game. The motivation behind NetEnt developing the game in this way, innovative as it is, is due to the fact that as casino games become more social, and with baccarat including numerous player options, the developer felt that players would be more comfortable betting amongst fellow players that are wagering approximately at the same levels.

Wagering Information

Playing Punto Banco High Limit, and having the wager size set at high certainly has the ability to focus the mind. The odds on the playing options of Punto Banco High Limit are that bets on the player are paid out 1:1, bets on the dealer are also 1:1, but a casino commission of 5% is deducted. Gambling on the tie, which is the third option, attracts odds of 9:1. In terms of inside information on Punto Banco in general and the NetEnt version in particular, the third card rules in the gameplay change the mathematics slightly in favour of the dealers’ hand winning. Naturally, the chance of a tie occurring carries the highest odds, and given the pay-out dividend, is clearly the least advisable to play.

Playing Punto Banco High Limit Baccarat

Punto Banco High Limit, then, is probably the real wagering game of the purest order. Pure chance epitomises baccarat, but when playing with large volumes of money and stakes, for real money places the High Limit version of this game at the apex of the casino pyramid.