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Check out Rickety Cricket Slot Review for Players

Check out Rickety Cricket Slot Review for Players

Check out Rickety Cricket Slot Review for Players

The Rickety Cricket slot game is created by Cryptologic. It is most well known for its unique visual theme based around an adorable main character, namely a delightful cricket. The little guy seems to get into all sorts of adventures with other members of the insect kingdom, including bees, fireflies, and mosquitoes. In terms of graphics the Rickety Cricket slot game is exceptionally well done, with each character created in 3D graphics that are worthy of a full-length film.

The animation that occurs when symbol matches is likewise well done, adding a sense of excitement and charm to the game. Plus, the wonderful snippets of orchestra music that occur when the reels are spun can only be called uplifting, bringing the whole game together into a slot game experience that few could not enjoy. In terms of casino game play the Rickety Cricket slot game uses a five reel, twenty five playing line system, with the player able to adjust betting lines between spins. This adds layers of strategy to the game, plus a feeling of interactivity, which are both obviously positive things as far as slot games go.

More about Symbols

With all the adorable insect characters present in the game, it is difficult to say one is more valuable then another. It is the great fluffy queen bee, however, that takes the spot for most valuable as far as the game is concerned. This big lovable queen will payout a huge amount if matched with herself five times, making her a joy to behold whenever she makes an appearance.

The next most valuable symbol is the firefly, which seems to have a light bulb where his rear end should be.

Next on the list is everyone’s least favourite insect, the mosquito, and it seems the little guy is aware of the general hatred towards him, given the apologetic look on his face. Next on the list is the pair of eyes looking out from a hollow log. It is anyone’s guess which insect this is supposed to be. The least valuable critter on the list is rather an odd man out; a snail. He certainly isn’t an insect, but one can’t argue that he likely has a lot of interaction with them.

Rickety Cricket Casino Slot Symbols

Big Insect Bonuses

There are two bonus symbols in the Rickety Cricket slot game, including the flower and the big zapper. The flower is where Rickety Cricket resides, and he can be seen popping up from under the flower to punch the air in victory upon the wild symbol being matched. As with most wild symbols in mobile slots AU, this one may be matched with any other symbol in order to create a matching sequence.

The bug zapper is an odd symbol to have in the game, being that is must be the sworn enemy of all the bugs mentioned above. Regardless, it is the scatter symbol of the game, and matches in a rather unique way. The zapper must appear on reel one, followed by any of the insect symbols on reels two, three, four and five. This must mean that the zapper is luring in victims.