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Check This Take Me Out Slot Game Online

Check This Take Me Out Slot Game Online

Check This Take Me Out Slot Game Online

Take Me Out is a slot game based on the popular television reality show. The game borrows the theme music, special effects, and goal of the show, which is generally to impress the opposite sex, bringing it all together into a slot game experience that is unusual to say the least.

It is a bit of a mystery as to why this particular show was chosen to turn into a slot game, and not a game show based around making money, as the concepts of dating and gambling do not gel together especially well. Either way, it is clear that much effort has gone into capturing the essence of the Take Me Out television show, and if anything the game boasts an obviously high production value.

In terms of game play a five reel, twenty play line system is used, plus a number of bonus mini-games that although impressive to look at, are rather confusing in terms of what is supposed to be achieved. Fans of the television show, however, are sure to have a blast.

Symbols And Making Matches

As with all slots games, the aim of Take Me Out is to create as many matching sequences in the play area as possible. The player is required to first make an initial bet and decide how many lines they would like to bet on, after which the reels are set into motion. Upon the reels coming to a stop any matches created will payout instantly, according to the value of the symbols.

The male and female signs are the most valuable in the game, and will payout well if matched the maximum of five times. Some of the other symbols include a pair of lips and cupids arrow. The traditional playing card numbers are also used, including ten, jack, queen, king and ace. A nice touch is that each playing card number is accompanied by the silhouette of a seemingly attractive person, which is a great deal more effort then some other slot games are willing to put in.

Bonus Mini-Games

Take Me Out has a number of mini-games, four in total, with each being based around a segment of the television show. One mini-game, triggered by matching the No Likey no Lighty symbol, asks the player to impress all the girls, with each girl conquered further raising a winning amount. Impressing a girl is achieved by selecting family, friends or talent, but as to which will work and which wont seems entirely random, and all three options may be used, one after the other, with the girl rejecting all three.

The game, although being visually very well presented, is a touch confusing to say the least. Other mini-games include the Bring Out the Girls game, and the Fernando’s game, both of which are based around impressing the opposite sex. These slot games are likewise a touch confusing, but both offer the opportunity to achieve major payouts, which is something everyone can be happy be happy about. Don’t forget also the wild symbol, represented by a silhouetted man and the written word wild, which will match with all other symbols to create winning sequences.