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Everything About SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Everything About SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Everything About SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is a resort owned by Stockbridge Real Estate and situated in Winchester, Nevada on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Formerly known as the Sahara Hotel and Casino until 2011, the newly renovated SLS Las Vegas opened its doors in August of 2014.

The new hotel offers over 1,720 hotel rooms for its guests and the SLS Las Vegas Casino spans nearly 8,000 square metres in total, offering slots, table games, sports books and more. A number of facilities and entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities can be found at the hotel and casino.

The History of SLS Las Vegas

The first establishment to operate on the site of what is now SLS Las Vegas was Club Bingo, which was present from 1947 to 1952. In 1952, Del Web began construction of the Sahara Hotel on that same site, which is also the site of the Sahara Avenue station, a northerly station on the route of the Las Vegas Monorail train system.

Sporting a Moroccan influence and design, the Sahara Hotel was the 6th hotel and casino establishment to be opened along the Las Vegas Strip, and the hotel attracted many influential performers, musicians and personas like Bill Cosby, Frank Sinatra, Sonny and Cher and Liza Minnelli.

SLS Las Vegas Ownership and Renovations

After many years of operation, the Sahara Hotel and Casino was sold to Archon Corporation in 1982, and a change of ownership again took place in 1995 when Bill Bennett bought the resort. In 1999, Bennett began his own renovations of Sahara, adding a restaurant and a rollercoaster ride by the name of Speed – The Ride.

Years later in 2011, however, the Sahara Hotel and Casino was deemed economically unviable and the resort was closed. Stockbridge Real Estate reopened the establishment in 2014 under the name SLS Las Vegas, having changed the branding and design of the resort to a more modern and sophisticated feel. Starwood Hotels and Resorts also added SLS Las Vegas to its Tribute Portfolio in November of 2015.

Guest Amenities and More

Today, the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino offers a wide variety of guest amenities, including more than 1,600 hotel room suites, its proprietary casino and 4 in-house nightclubs.

Shopping opportunities at the resort are offered in the form of a Fred Segal clothing store, and other amenities for visitors include a spa, a salon, pools, a fitness centre and a Fedex business centre.

Restaurants, Entertainment and Night Life

A wide range of restaurants and world cuisines can be found at the hotel and casino, and SLS Las Vegas has divided its dining categories into signature dining, casual dining and an in-room dining service.

Most of the live entertainment hosted by SLS Las Vegas takes place at The Foundry, an establishment dedicated to live music concerts, events and more. As well as wedding and events facilities, guests at the SLS Las Vegas can also visit the Foxtail Nightclub, the Monkey Bar, the Center Bar and the exclusive Sayers Club.