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A Review of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

A Review of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

A Review of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, located in Singapore, is a hotel and entertainment venue. The establishment offers a full range of rooms, ranging from modest to luxurious, and has entertainment services for guests from all walks of life. Multiple bars and restaurants are available on location, as well as a rooftop swimming pool, museum and many live show venues. The focus of the hotel is not on offering gambling services, but rather on live entertainment, and only a modest casino is housed on the hotel premises. Bookings may be made for this venue on the website.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation is available for single guests, as well as for full families of any size. Presidential and deluxe suites are offered for those looking to splurge, as well as ultra luxury rooms reserved for those who prefer the finer things in life. If making a booking on the website, please provide a check in date, a check out date, as well as the number of guests expected. If cancelling a booking, please be sure to do so as quickly as possible, as cancellations made close to the booking day may be subject to cancellation penalties.

Shows And Entertainment

The Marina Bay Sands hotel has an outstanding selection of entertainment, with a strong focus on live shows. At any time a number of theatre shows will be running, including anything from live musical acts to live magic shows. There is even a dinner theatre on location, meaning that you may enjoy your show while you indulge in a three course meal. If, however, live shows are not your thing, there are also a number of nightclubs and bars, including the rooftop bar, which allows guests to enjoy the view with a cocktail. If both live shows and nightclubs are not your thing, you may prefer instead to visit the family friendly indoor ice rink, which is in convenient walking distance from the food court.

Skypark Entertainment Venue

The Skypark, located on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is a collection of entertainment venues seated beneath the sky, perfect for long summer days and lazy Sunday afternoons. Including a swimming pool, observation deck and a number of bars and restaurants, guests may enjoy the magnificent view while relaxing in the sun. Take note that many of these features are based on good weather, but note that the hotel enjoys great weather almost all year round.

On Location Museum

One of the many features that make the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino stand out is the museum. Used for events and displays on a regular basis, the museum is a point of pride for the hotel, allowing visitors of the museum not only to make use of the convenient accommodation, but also to provide a platform for local schools to make use of. At the hotel sports fans could play variety of games online including AFL grand final bets on any device. Visit the dedicated section of the hotel website to learn more about hotels, or to see how a school may arrange to visit the museum. The museums is, of course, also open to the public and may be visited at any time.