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An Overview Marina Hotel and Casino

An Overview Marina Hotel and Casino

An Overview Marina Hotel and Casino

Marina Hotel And Casino

The Marina Hotel and Casino operated from 1975 to 1990, going through one change of ownership during that period of time. It had an impressive 714 rooms and enjoyed a good amount of success during its run. At the end of its life, however, the property was bought and transformed into the now iconic MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel. Few realise, however, that the Marina was not in fact demolished to make way for the MGM Grand, but in fact still exists in almost its entirety as part of the MGM Grand structure.

Absorption Into The MGM Grand

When the Marina Hotel and Casino was purchased in 1990 by new owners, the intention was to entirely demolish the hotel and start a new building from scratch. Upon reviewing the building, however, it was noted how structurally sound the architecture was, which meant that the potential existed to expand instead of demolish. The areas around the Marina Hotel And Casino building were demolished, leaving only the original 714 rooms.

It was around this central point that the MGM Grand rose, absorbing the 714 rooms and adding them to the MGM Grand’s rooms, resulting in a staggering total of 5005 rooms. This amount grew even higher to over 6000 rooms. The MGM Grand, a the time of opening, was the largest hotel complex in the world, with more then ten times the accommodation space of other hotels in the area. Still considered to be an impressive piece of architecture, the hotel is no longer the largest in the world, but still the largest in the United States.

The MGM Grand – Largest Hotel In America

The MGM Grand is iconic for many reasons, and its logo, a golden lion, is recognised throughout the world. One of the many notable features of the enormous structure is that pedestrians are not allowed to cross the street at its base, due to the immense amount of traffic that occurs on a twenty four hour basis. Instead, if patrons wish to visit neighbouring buildings they must do so via elevated bridges that span from structure to the other. Another notable feature is the central walkway from one end of the hotel to the other, which starts at the old Marina Hotel and Casino section and runs through to the back section. This walkway is a gob smacking quarter of a mile long, which begs the question as to how likely patrons are to become lost, and eventually give up hope of ever finding their room again.

MGM Grand Entertainment And Casino

If visiting the MGM Grand, perhaps just to marvel at its architectural majesty, guests will be treated to dining halls, theatres, indoor waterfalls, rivers and even an immense indoor garden that often hosts live music events. The hotel also has, as would be expected, one of the largest Spin Casinos NZ, in the world, and certainly the largest casino in Clark County. Bookings are available for the MGM Grand now, with rooms that vary from the modest to extremely luxurious. The venue often sees celebrity guests, and is known for having celebrity musician performances in its garden.