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Cyrus the Virus Online Slots Overview

Cyrus the Virus Online Slots Overview

Cyrus the Virus Online Slots Overview

Cyrus the Virus is a cute microscopic themed online slot. This is a very simple pokie, with really only one feature. Cyrus the Virus features the standard five reels, but no specific paylines, instead it has a system called Win Both ways. This feature is nicely represented in the slot by little germy creatures that stick their heads out of holes on the left and right sides of the reels when the potential for a win comes into play. This is a fun slot, with a 0,01 min bet, which makes it a great slot for beginners.

Cyrus the Virus Theme

Cyrus the Virus has a rather unusual theme. You may think that it is based on the famous movie of the same name, but no. This slot is set inside an unfortunate individual who has contracted some kind of nasty sickness and is being overrun with tiny organisms. All symbols and graphics in the slot are seen as if under a microscope, and are pretty well done. The overall colour of the slot is a rather sickly green, which goes with the theme nicely. The symbols are bright, and when you find a winning line pink splodge will point it out for you. All info is laid out simply at the bottom of the screen, with the paytable being accessed via a button on a separate screen.

Cyrus the Virus Symbols

As mentioned all the symbols in this game are form the inside of a sick person. Yum. Cyrus the Virus has only seven symbols, and all of them are angry looking little organisms which angry faces. You can just imagine how sick the poor person being populated with these guys must feel. The blue virus with the tentacles is the highest paying one in the game, and could be worth 2000 times your line stake if you find of these in a row. Cyrus the Virus real money casino slots does employ a wild symbol, which is in the form of a DNA strand. This is an expanding wild, which means that should you find this guy appearing on the centre reel, which is the only place he does, he will expand to cover the whole reel and hopefully result in great payouts. When this happens the whole reel turns into a grumpy looking DNA strand, which is a nice touch. Not only does this offer more opportunities for winning, but the player will also be awarded one free spin with the wild remaining in place.

Win Both Ways Feature

As mentioned earlier, Cyrus the Virus has a Win Both Ways system. On both the left and the right of the reels are holes in which small organisms will appear. These basically duplicate as the paylines. There are always five active lines, which can be read both left to right and right to left. This means that you can have ten active paylines in the game instead of just five with the five reels. This feature is particularly nicely done in these Canadian sots games online as the small virus guys on the side of the reels shoot out and run around on your winning combination, just in case you didn’t notice it. It’s a nice touch.