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Lady of Egypt, a Progressive Jackpot Slot in Detail for Players

Lady of Egypt, a Progressive Jackpot Slot in Detail for Players

Lady of Egypt, a Progressive Jackpot Slot in Detail for Players

Lady of Egypt, a slots title from WMS Gaming that can be played in many land-based casinos for a maximum bet of $1.75 and still deliver substantial bonus wins, is now available to online slots fans too. It is one of many such titles themed around the treasures of ancient Egypt and its famous Queen Cleopatra, but the unique WMS reel arrangement, game play and jackpot features make Lady of Egypt one of a kind.

The game plays on nine reels, plus a jackpot reel, each displaying three rows. Although all nine reels spin simultaneously, a moving frame isolates nine windows in a 3X3 grid at any one time during play, starting on the leftmost three reels. This 3X3 grid contains 9 paylines, so any matching sequence of icons on the three adjacent reels can trigger a win as the first three reels stop. If no win occurs on the first frame, the spin ends.

Winning Frames Progress Wins

However, if a win is achieved over the first three reels, the frame moves on to highlight Reels 3, 4 and 5. Reel 3 remains static where it ended on the win, while Reels 4 and 5 spin on, and when they come to rest, if another win is formed, the win is increased by a 2X multiplier and the frame moves up to Reels 5, 6 and 7. Any wins here incur a 3X multiplier, and the frame moves to cover Reels 7, 8 and 9, along with a 5X multiplier.

After four wins in succession, the Jackpot reel spins, giving the player a shot at the Jackpot. All the prizes won over the nine reels are added up as the total for the spin. A spin ending without a win in the frame at any point during this process ends the spin, although the accumulated winnings over the spin are added to the total in the same way.

Reel 10 for Random Wins or Jackpot

The Lady of Egypt Jackpot Reel at Canadian online casinos contains none of the normal game icons; it has coin amounts and the word Jackpot interspersed with plenty of blank spaces, and it only displays one window. So if a player has made four successive wins on the spin and gets to add the Jackpot Reel, they could win nothing extra, the progressive jackpot, or a coin amount between 1,000 and 2,500.

Icons Familiar to Egypt-Themed Games

Lady of Egypt uses standard Poker symbols J to A, along with three Egyptian religious icons: the Ankh, the Crossed Flail and Reaping Hook, and the Crowned Serpent. These three icons not only make identical matches within the moving frame, they also work as a set: if at least one of the three ends up in the correct windows on a payline, that combination wins a bonus coin prize.

Similarly, the higher-value symbols; statues of a winged Cat God and a Jackal God, as well as a gold-adorned picture of Cleopatra herself, can also win bonus coins for filling paylines or the 3X3 grid in mixed combinations. If any single symbol features nine times on the grid, it transforms into a massive version of itself and pays even more. Nine Cleopatra’s, for example, win 6,000 coins.

Wild and Scatter Symbols Enhance Payouts

The word Wild is the Wild symbol, and it arrives stacked over all three windows. A jewelled gold Horus Pendant is the Scatter, and three or more trigger a minimum of 8 free spins.