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Learn To Play Plants Vs Zombies Slot Game Online

Learn To Play Plants Vs Zombies Slot Game Online

Learn To Play Plants Vs Zombies Slot Game Online

Plants Vs Zombies is a well known strategy game, featuring a bizarre theme based around friendly plants fending off attacking waves of zombies. The game was a smash hit, with millions of players around the world having a go at zombie decapitation on a daily basis. The success of the game led to many spin offs, including plush toys, a sequel, and a slot game.

The Plants Vs Zombies slot game borrows much from the strategy game in terms of style, quirky humour, and unexpected developments, but not much at all in terms of game play. The slot game is, as one would expect, instead a rather standard five reel, forty play line system, with matching sequences granting instant payouts.

Where the slot game stands apart from others is in its highly unique bonus system, charming art style, and obviously high production value. At any point in the game the player can expect Crazy Dave to step in and grant an unexpected free spin, or even a mini-game involving watering a sunflower in order to gain amazing payouts. There is also a progressive jackpot system, which is the quickest way for a player to become wealthy. The game is available to play for free and real money, but keep in mind the progressive jackpot will be available only for players who are using real money.

Plant And Zombie Symbols

In a game titled Plants Vs. Zombies, one would expect to see a great deal of both, and in this aspect the game does not disappoint. The most valuable symbol in the game is the classic googly eyed grey zombie, who will payout massive amounts if matched with himself at least three times, and a maximum of five times. Note how the symbol animates when triggered, having the lovable brain eater shuffle about in search of a meal.

The other symbols in the game are all plant based, including the Venus flytrap, the sunflower, the peashooter, and the traditional playing card numbers, including ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The real charm of the game, however, and the real money, lie in the bonus symbols, which are rather frequent in this particular slot game.

Bonuses And Mini-Games

The most unique aspect of the Plants Vs Zombies online slots game is the bonus system. It involves matching three symbols, two of which must be the same double sunflower image, but the third varied. Depending on which bonus symbol the third happens to be, a different mini-game is triggered. For example, if matching two double sunflowers and sprouting plant symbol, the Zen Garden mini-game is triggered. In this mini-game the player must select watering cans, behind which may lie a bonus, or a zombie. If selecting a bonus the watering can will water the sprouting plant, helping it grow and likewise feeding a bonus. Watering cans may keep being selected, until eventually a zombie is revealed, which will end the game. Other bonus symbols include the single sunflower, which grants a payout, the Cherry Bomb game, which grants free spins, and the Zombie Bonus, which grants free spins with an extra added bonus wilds possibility.