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Mayagüez Resort & Casino in Detail

Mayagüez Resort & Casino in Detail

Mayagüez Resort & Casino in Detail

Located in scenic Puerto Rico, the Mayagüez Resort & Casino is a hotel venue that features an on location casino facility. It does not have some the more extravagant entertainment facilities of other venues, but what it does offer is scenic views, a beautiful riverside entertainment area, and a dedicated casino that runs late into the night. Specifically tailored packages are offered for honeymooners and business groups. Bookings can be made on the hotel’s website, with guests required to enter a check in date, a check out date, and specify how many guest are expected. If you wish to cancel a booking that has been made online, please be sure to do so as soon as is possible. Cancellations that are made in close proximity to the booking days may be subject to standard cancellation fees.

On Location Casino Venue

The Mayagüez Resort & Casino has a large on location casino, featuring slot machines that are open late into the night, as well as dedicated blackjack (similar to online blackjack), roulette and poker tables. The casino is accessible to all guests, and can be arranged to accommodate large groups of guests. If you would like to organise a private table for a group, simply contact the casino in advance for arrangements to be made.

Corporate Group and Conference Facilities

The Mayagüez Resort & Casino is fully geared to host events, including weddings, business meetings, or any social occasion that requires a venue. All required facilities are available on location, with catering possible at request of the event organiser. The hotel also has a focus on offering outstanding honeymoon services newly married couples.

Specialised Package Deals

If wanting to spend your first days of marriage in the lap of luxury, the Mayagüez Resort & Casino has tailor made honeymoon package for exactly that occasion. Visit the dedicated section of the website to learn more, and see the outstanding honeymoon rooms. Packages are also available for large groups who are travelling together, as well as businesses looking to treat their employees. If, however, you are one of those who are looking to just get away for a few days, the escape package is what you’ll want to investigate.

Convenient Location - Mayagüez Resort & Casino

Convenient Location

The Mayagüez Resort & Casino does not have an amazing array of entertainment located on the premises, other then the casino, but is in conveniently close distance to the local entertainment facilities. The golf course is just a short twenty-five minute drive away, and Puerto Rico zoo just ten minutes away. The centre of town, including the Puerto Rico University, is just fifteen minutes away, with cinemas and shopping complexes located in this vicinity. Plus, the hotel is no more then forty five minutes from the furthest airport, with the closest being just five minutes away. Most of the beaches and scenic tourist attractions are in walking distance.

River Pool Village

The River Pool Village is one of Mayagüez Resort & Casino’s key features. It involves a rustically designed riverside relaxation area, featuring beautiful sands, cool water and enough room for everyone to kick back and enjoy the sun. Including a waterslide, waterfall, rock pools and conveniently located nearby bar, the area is suitable for the whole family.